Predictive Analytics for Maintenance Professionals

Machine Learning allows for Maintenance, Service, and Operation Managers to elevate their Preventive Maintenance practices into Predictive Maintenance.

Proactive, not Preventative

Instead of investing time into preventing possible failures you will be able to let your data work for you and use real, actionable data instead of guesswork

Simple Implimentation

Terrene was built with every user in mind. It is a plug and play platform where you can get answers straight from your data

Self-Improving Model

Machine Learning's best benefits kick in when its continuously used. It is updating and improving its accuracy the more its used meaning it takes little to keep it ticking


Improve your scheduling

Running an advanced analysis of your maintenance schedule allows machine learning models to highlight inefficient processes and unnecessary activities. Now you can create an effective maintenance schedule based on real data instead of relying on manufacturers.

Did you know up to 50 percent of maintenance spend is wasted?


Be confident in your decisions

Being able the predict failures may seem like a heavy promise, but with machine learning you'll be able to run a predictive analysis of all our assets and find key patterns and factors of failures, enabling you to make more precise, quick decisions

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