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How it Works

Take a look at a quick demo of how Terrene works


Upload Your Data

Upload your data in its current format. We can read directly from HTML, CSV, JSON, or SQL databases. Analyze all of your reports and data in one location.

Train Your Model

Terrene's AutoML engine makes using machine learning super simple. Create a machine learning model and predict the future with a click of a button.


Make Predictions!

Input your variables and make predictions using Terrene.

This is just the tip of the iceberg

Terrene can do so much more. Download Terrene to try it for yourself


Try it yourself

Learn about what you can do with Terrene

LEVEL: Beginner

Create a simple predictive model using Terrene

Learn how you can use Terrene to create a simple predictive model that predicts whether or not a hypothetical passenger on titanic would have survived


Schedule automatic model training

Learn how you can schedule your training data to be updated automatically and used in creating new models


Create a live dashboard

Learn how you can use Terrene to create a live dashboard showcasing the results from your models

LEVEL: Advanced

Process unstructured text data using Terrene

Learn how you can use Terrene's language processing toolkit to extract features out of unstructured text data


Integrate API

Integrate Terrene's API directly into your workflows